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Causes of Men's Hair Loss

Many men fully expect to experience hair loss in their life—perhaps because they have observed that genetic hair loss runs in their family. For other men, hair loss can come as a most unwelcome surprise. Regardless, and no matter the cause of the hair loss, Raleigh Hair Concepts can help you find out why you’re losing hair while also developing a plan to address it.

Hair Loss Treatments for Men

Many men accept thinning hair as just a part of life—but it doesn’t have to be that way. No matter the cause and no matter the extent of your hair loss, there’s are always effective solutions. The first step in the process is determining which form of male hair loss treatment is right for you.

One of our most popular male hair loss solutions is the hair system. These custom systems make use of a super-thin membrane, into which individual strands of human hair are either woven or injected. We can personalize a hair system to provide you with the style, color, and length you’re looking for, and also to make sure it accommodates your active lifestyle. These hair systems are low-maintenance and they look completely natural.

And that’s not our only option for hair restoration for men. We can also advise you on the merits of laser treatment and topical solutions—both of which are clinically proven to curb the effects of hair loss and may be especially effective for men whose hair loss is just beginning.

So how can you tell which of these solutions is a good match for your hair loss needs? That’s where Raleigh Hair Concepts comes into play. We understand that hair restoration is not one-size-fits-all, and we’re not going to try to push you into a box. Instead, we want to get to know you and to recommend the solutions we think will best fit with your goals and your lifestyle.

All of that happens when you come visit us for a confidential consultation, which gives us a chance to talk privately with you and explain the options—without an aggressive sales push.

Thinning hair doesn’t have to be a fact of life. Join us in our studio and find a solution that’s right for you.

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  • Ten years of searching and finally I found my answer to my hair loss. RHC didn't just restore hair to my head. RHC restored my hair to my head. This is an important difference. It's a difference I can see and feel.

    — Robert Ewert

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