Some men fear that, once their hair starts thinning, it’s never coming back. That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, many men have found that a male hair system gives them the fullness and length they desire. We are proud to offer custom men’s hair systems here at Raleigh Hair Concepts in Raleigh, NC.

But how do hair systems for men work, exactly? Each system is personalized, made just for you—but generally speaking, they all begin with a super-thin, skin-like membrane, which is perfectly fitted to match your scalp. Into that membrane we can weave or insert individual human hairs; virgin hair, never bleached or processed in any way, is available. We can then color, cut, and style that hair however you like.

There are some major benefits to using a men’s hair system. For one, it looks natural. It’s easy to keep up with; you’ll just need to come visit us every few weeks, as you would for a regular haircut. And, we can design a hair system to match your lifestyle, even if that includes regular exercise.