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Hair loss can be both unexpected and unwelcome; it can be slight or it can be severe, and it can impact men and women alike. No matter the cause or extent of your hair loss, there is a solution that will help you regain what you've lost and get you looking and feeling like yourself again.

Raleigh Hair Concepts is devoted to connecting clients with those solutions. We’ll work with you closely to determine why you’re losing your hair, and then we will guide you toward completely safe, non-surgical solutions that will effectively restore you to a full head of thick, healthy hair.

Visit Raleigh Hair Concepts today to find a hair replacement solution that fits your budget and your hair needs!

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Men's Hair Loss

Hair loss happens for many different reasons and comes at many different stages of life. Raleigh Hair offers many solutions to meet each man's unique hair loss condition.

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Women's Hair Loss Solutions

Different hair loss conditions require different hair restoration solutions. Raleigh Hair offers an array of individual solutions to meet each woman's individual hair loss condition.

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Hair Loss Prevention

Hair Loss Prevention & Regrowth

Get top-notch hair salon services from our professional and creative staff . We specialize in hair loss and thinning or damaged hair, helping you build and maintain your best look.

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Your privacy, comfort, and confidence are our top priorities. Our consultations are totally FREE, and you will receive a full hair and scalp evaluation. Come into Raleigh Hair Concepts to determine your hair’s full potential. Even the smallest change could lead to long lasting results.

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Hair Loss Consultation Raleigh NC

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  • Finally there's a solution for women suffering from hair loss that doesn't require us to shave our heads to achieve a full head of hair. Get my hair back or shave my head? With RHS, those tough decisions are a thing of the past.

    - Paula Robison

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Latest News

  • What is Trichotillomania?

    People lose their hair for many different reasons. Often, it boils down to genetics. In other cases, hair loss stems from medical factors. And in some situations, people actually pull out all their hair—not voluntarily, but under compulsion.
  • What is Trichology?

    Have you ever wondered why some people’s hair grows to be long and thick, while other people’s hair always seems to be brittle or broken? Have you ever encountered a strange rash or dryness on your scalp? Or have you simply wondered about things you can do to promote healthier…

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