Hair Loss Prevention Program for Women

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At Raleigh Hair Concepts, we know that part of the best strategy for dealing with hair loss is keeping the hair you have. We offer a variety of solutions to help slow or halt your hair loss, as well as options to promote new growth and enrich your existing hair.

capilia logoThough we offer many effective ways of dealing with hair loss at Raleigh Hair Concepts, it's always best to keep the hair you have. We are excited to offer a Hair Loss Prevention Program for women to help with this process. This tested program designed for daily use works to reduce shedding, improve scalp-health, nourish and strengthen existing hair, and stimulate new hair growth.

How it Works

image.pngThe Raleigh Hair Concepts Hair Loss Prevention Program combines a variety of proven treatment methods into a single, convenient package. It prevents the creation of follicle-killing DHT by blocking its initial conversion, while simultaneously contributing to protein synthesis, which promotes continued growth of healthy hair.

The treatment is applied via our proprietary shampoo and conditioner blends. Your scalp will be healthier and the nutrients, antioxidants, and minerals provided will improve the health of your hair.

Who it's For

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The Hair Loss Prevention Program works for women who've always had fine hair, women whose hair has thinned because of menopause, or anyone looking to have healthier, fuller hair. The greatest levels of success are found in women with mild or moderate hair loss, and works best when used alongside in-home laser therapy.

Scientifically Proven Results

  • 80% of patients had an increase in actively growing hairs
  • 100% of patients had an increase in follicle size and hair shaft diameter
  • 40% of patients had new hair development

If you're ready to start the fight against hair loss, call Raleigh Hair Concepts for your free consultation today. We'll help you decide if our Hair Loss Prevention Program is right for you.



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  • Finally there's a solution for women suffering from hair loss that doesn't require us to shave our heads to achieve a full head of hair. Get my hair back or shave my head? With RHS, those tough decisions are a thing of the past.

    - Paula Robison

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