Hot & Cold Fusion for Men

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Hair Extensions are a well-tested and cost effective way to create thicker and fuller hair. At Raleigh Hair Concepts, we offer both hot and cold fusion methods for attaching extensions. We will work with you to determine which method and replacement material best fits your budget and lifestyle. Using the hot or cold fusion method for hair extensions is a long-lasting, budget-friendly hair restoration option, especially in the early stages of hair loss.

Hair Extensions for Men

Most men associate hair extensions with women and may picture the long, flowing manes depicted in magazines. However, hair extensions can be a valuable, effective, and cost-effective tool for improving the look of the hair that you have, and are a common part of a hair restoration plan for many men. Hair extensions can also help make the transition from thinning to fuller hair less dramatic and obvious. At Raleigh Hair Concepts, we offer Hot and Cold Fusion methods, which allow for options for every budget, lifestyle, and preference.

Hot Fusion

The Hot Fusion process is time-tested, budget-friendly, painless, and only takes a few hours in the office. Using a heated keratin adhesive, new replacement hair is bonded to your existing hair shafts. The extensions last for up to four months and are easy to maintain.

Cold Fusion

The Cold Fusion process is gentler on damaged hair because it uses no heat or adhesives. Instead, special tools are used to bond the hair extensions around the shaft of hair. This long-lasting, versatile process produces natural looking results that can last up to six months.



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  • Ten years of searching and finally I found my answer to my hair loss. RHS didn't just restore hair to my head. RHS restored my hair to my head. This is an important difference. It's a difference I can see and feel.

    -Robert Ewert

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