children with hair loss
05 / 26 / 14

Lots of love with children with hair loss.

The one trusted non-profit group that is doing remarkable things for kids suffering from hair loss is Children with Hair Loss. They help all children with medically-related hair loss with no expense to the child's family. Each child receives a custom fit hair replacement system through RHC and other qualified approved locations.

The hair system is shipped to the child and the child comes into our center and we customize it further by cutting in the desired style. Also, the child receives a care kit containing a band of hair to wear under a head covering, 2 head coverings of their choice, shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, smoothing treatment, a brush and comb, a drying stand, a clamp and a styling form. A child may return each year, until age 21, to receive our services, a human hair replacement and care kit, all at no charge.

We also accept donated hair, 8" and up. Please call and inquire to find out the details on the donation of a ponytail.

Today's children face so much peer pressure to fit in and those who are deemed as "different" or "not normal" by their peers, generally face a much more challenging childhood. The vision is that children should be able to go outside, to go to school and face their young world with confidence and ambition, not worrying about what other people will think or say about them. Children With Hair Loss has provided high quality, full human hair systems to over 300 kids annually, with no obligation or cost.

There are many misconceptions about "non-profit" companies and their claims of philanthropy. Finding out the facts before selecting the one is crucial. There are organizations that claim to "give", however, their giving comes with a price. There are stories of families forced to wait up to 8 months to see if their child will qualify or hear if they are eligible for new hair. Some organizations require W-2's, letters of need and even personal endorsements with before and after pictures. Children With Hair Loss operates with integrity.