Laser Hair Therapy for Women

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Women’s hair loss has many potential causes, and as such there are many possible solutions. One option that we recommend all women consider is laser hair therapy. Safe, painless, and approved by the FDA for the treatment of hair loss, laser light therapy can curb the effects of hair loss while triggering new growth. Raleigh Hair Concepts is proud to offer some of the top products in women’s laser hair therapy, available for at-home treatments on your own time.

How Laser Hair Therapy Works

Hair growth starts at the follicle. Any follicle can have as many as five hairs growing from it, but to maintain healthy growth, steady blood flow is needed. When blood flow to the follicles tapers off, it can lead to fewer hairs per follicle, and sometimes to no hairs at all. This, of course, manifests as thinning hair or baldness.

Low levels of laser light, meanwhile, can stimulate new blood flow to the follicles. In many cases, this can have a powerful effect in rejuvenating growth and curbing the effects of hair loss. The bottom line: It makes your scalp into a much more positive and healthy environment for new hair to grow.

Our Laser Therapy Products

Laser treatments are not only safe and effective, but they are also incredibly convenient. Raleigh Hair Concepts provides top-of-the-line at-home laser therapy products, which you can use totally hands-free. In other words, you can receive weekly or twice-weekly treatments on your own time, simply as you sit at home and read, surf the Web, or watch TV.

Raleigh Hair Concepts is proud to offer proven and effective technologies, including both the Hairmax Laser Band and Theradome Laser Helmet—both of which make it easy to treat hair loss and to obtain the beautiful, healthy, thick hair of your dreams. They are especially potent when paired with topical solutions.

HairMax Laser Hair Solution for Women

The Hairmax Laser Band, designed for comfortable use, fits over your head like a wide headband. It includes 82 medical grade lasers embedded in the Laser Band, plus specially-patented teeth on the outer edge which part the hair during treatment, allowing the laser light to better reach and stimulate the hair follicles.

Theradome Laser Hair Solution for Women

We also offer the Theradome Laser Helmet, in which laser light waves travel in synchronicity to penetrate the scalp at a depth of 3-5 mm to reach the base of the hair follicle. This proprietary cold laser technology ensures the mitochondria of hair cells is stimulated, thereby restoring hair to a healthy state.

Schedule a Consultation Today

To learn more about either of these laser hair treatments, we encourage you to contact the Raleigh Hair Concepts team. We’d love to provide you with a full consultation, and to recommend the next stage of action—whether that’s a laser treatment or something else altogether. Come by Raleigh Hair Concepts today to receive your consultation, and to learn more about the steps you can take to achieve the thick, full, healthy hair of your dreams.



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