Ultralinks by Ultratress

A versatile, high-quality extension made by Ultratress, Ultralinks comes in 30 different color blends and can be used as a replacement for thinning hair or to supplement hair that's naturally thin, to create luminous, full hair of any desired length. They are attached strand-by-strand sing a looping process that won't damage hair, and are an excellent option for women with fine or brittle hair. No chemicals or adhesives, which can damage hair, are used, and the individual strands are reusable. This unique application process gives Ultralinks tremendous versatility and allows them to be used anywhere on the head.

Ultralinks at Raleigh Hair Concepts

The technicians at Raleigh Hair Concepts are highly trained and have years of experience with the full line of Ultratress products, including Ultralinks. We can help you achieve increased volume, enhanced color, and renewed confidence. Whether you want to seamlessly supplement your natural hair or go off in a bold new stylistic direction, we will be there to help you along the way.
The time for you to feel comfortable and confident about your hair is now. Come into Raleigh Hair Concepts and learn about the many choices you have. We offer a wide variety of non-surgical options; let's find out what's right for you!