Hair Loss Solutions For Men

It is often said that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. At Raleigh Hair Concepts, we strive to help you keep the hair you have and prevent future hair thinning and loss by creating a hair loss prevention plan, personalized for you and your specific needs. Hair loss prevention can work in concert with adding new hair, if that is one of your goals. If you're ready to deal with your thinning hair, a hair loss prevention plan will be a useful option.

HLCC Scripts blocks the male pattern baldness-causing hormone DHT from bonding to hair follicles using a patented and clinically proven blend of natural ingredients. The proprietary blend of vitamins, minerals, and various plant-derived products has no known side effects, and helps improve the quality and volume of hair in both men and women. The tandem of HLCC Scripts and Laser Therapy can be a particularly effective treatment option for stopping hair loss and stimulating new growth.

Hair Extensions are a well-tested and cost effective way to create thicker and fuller hair. At Raleigh Hair Concepts, we offer both hot and cold fusion methods for attaching extensions. We will work with you to determine which method and replacement material best fits your budget and lifestyle. Using the hot or cold fusion method for hair extensions is a long-lasting, budget-friendly hair restoration option, especially in the early stages of hair loss.


Laser Therapy can work as a stand-alone treatment or in combination with other methods. We only offer the best laser hair therapy option on the market. It's FDA-approved and can be used at home, but is stronger than in-office options at other studios. Using a process comparable to photosynthesis, laser therapy supplies hair follicles with vital nutrients, thus increasing the flow of blood and extending the growing cycle of the follicle, thereby producing thicker, longer strands of hair. This process can halt the advancement of hair loss, and when coupled with other treatments, produce dramatic results.

Minoxidil is an FDA-approved topical solution that has been demonstrated to be a highly effective means of slowing hair loss related to male pattern baldness. It increases the growth cycle of hair follicles, improving the quality, length, and thickness of hair. This over-the-counter medication was a break-through in the medical hair restoration field, and is especially effective during the early stages of hair loss.