Causes of Hair Loss For Men


Hair loss in men is an extremely common, though still challenging, experience. 85% of men in America will experience some hair loss by age 50, and 25% of those begin experiencing it before age 21. There are a variety of causes of hair loss. A genetic disposition, called Androgenetic Alopecia, better known as male pattern baldness, is the most common. Other causes include disease, medication, or serious trauma.

Androgenetic Alopecia

In 95% of cases of hair loss in men, the cause is hereditary Androgenetic Alopecia. This occurs when testosterone is converted into a hormone called dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which causes miniaturization of the hair follicles. When DHT is present around the follicles, their normal growth cycle is interrupted and the follicle eventually becomes miniaturized. The hairs produced by these follicles lack pigment, are slimmer and shorter, and eventually the follicles die, leaving bald areas. This usually happens first at the crown of the head and along the hairline, and results in a "horseshoe" pattern.

Other Causes

Even though male pattern baldness is the cause of most hair loss in men, there are a variety of other factors that may be at work. Hyperthyroidism, autoimmune disorders, some medications, and stress can cause hair loss. As a part of your free consultation, we will work to identify the cause of your hair loss. This will help lead us to the best treatment process for you.

Why Come to Raleigh Hair Concepts?

Every man's hair loss is different. We work with you to develop a treatment strategy specifically tailored to meet your hair restoration needs, taking into consideration the cause of your hair loss, the extent, and your lifestyle. The end goal is for you to look and feel your very best.