Raleigh Hair Concepts News

Kayla Martell, 2011 Miss America Finalist, will be a guest speaker at the Women's Hair Loss Seminar on Tuesday, September 16, 2014, 6:30 - 8:30pm. Additional speakers will be nationally recognized hair loss experts, Rhonda McCarthy from Ft Lauderdale, FL and Flora Fuentes from NYC. The Women's Hair Loss Seminar is a national tour bringing awareness to women's hair loss with Raleigh being the first visit to North Carolina. The purpose of this seminar is to provide education and solutions to women suffering any kind of hair loss...

Trichotillomania, Trich, is chronic behavior of pulling out ones on hair. People with Trich generally pull their hair out absentmindedly while doing other things such as reading or watching TV. No one knows exactly what causes it. There is evidence that it is partly genetic in nature. Chronic Trich generally starts around puberty but can start as young as infancy. Trich may come and go throughout a person's entire life.

The one trusted non profit group that is doing remarkable things for kids suffering from hair loss is Children with Hair Loss. They help all children with medically-related hair loss with no expense to the child's family. Each child receives a custom fit hair replacement system through RHC and other qualified approved locations.